What makes us so special....
We have looked at the many Kids search engines across the internet and looked at their features and limitations and tried to come up with a simple but complete NEW search engine for kids. Here's a list of features that sets us apart from the others:
  • We tap into the Google index to retrieve our results via the Google COOP Visit
  • We apply SafeSearch filtering to each query, plus have added more filtered words Info
  • We can exclude (block) inappropriate sites and keywords manually upon your request contact us
  • We can block entire sites, individual pages or just inappropriate sections of a site
  • You can search in 38 different languages(beta) at any time Request one
  • We have a spam reporting system View it
  • We're fast, most results are returned in 2 to 5 seconds
  • We use calming colors to relax users
  • You can search thru Kid's Results or Normal Google (teachers) results (both filtered)
  • Thanks to Google's keyword technology we can aim results toward kids Info
  • We provide links to the Kids/Teens section of the Google Directory Visit
  • We have "Query Refinement" technology (See explanation below) Info
  • We have NO Flash or Shockwave to slow things down
  • No fancy graphics or animated cartoon characters to distract the user
  • Google's index is constantly updated with fresh material
  • No annoying pop-ups or pop-unders
  • It incorporates Google's spell correction feature
  • No need to register or login
  • Do an article title search from the top news sites. Try it
  • By selecting Find Current Articles you'll get pages indexed within the last week
  • We have a visually Impaired version via the Google COOP Google's FAQ Try it
  • By adding define: to your query, you can find definitions to your keywords. Try it
  • We've incorpotated Search Suggestions which allows you to view different topics to help get you started.
  • You can do a site search with the dropdown menu we've provided. Includes the top educational sites.

Are we associated with Google or Yahoo....
Some might say that this site looks like it's associated with Google or Yahoo. GoGooligans.com in NOT associated with either. Google allows users to build their own search engines using their index through the Google COOP custom search engine (CSE) program. To make this a Kids friendly search tool, the results are fed through Google SafeSearch, plus we have filtered out many more keywords and harmful/spyware websites. The CSE program also allows us to apply keywords to our queries that keeps our results focused on our theme, in our case, KIDS.

What is "Query Refinement" Technology....
This technology allows you to make a single query (for example "bikes") and then by clicking on one of the 15 refinements, your results will be associated with the refinement+your query. If you clicked on the History refinement, you'll get results about the "History of bikes", if you click on the Images refinement, you'll get sites that have "bike images" and so on. We've tried to make the refinements such that most of them can be applied to just about any query. More

Why the Green color....
Currently the most popular decorating color, green symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color on the eyes and can improve vision. It is a calming, refreshing color. People waiting to appear on TV sit in "green rooms" to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. Hopefully it will have the same effect on your kids. Also, Yellow enhances concentration and has the power to speed up our metabolism and bring out some creative thoughts (legal tablets are yellow for good reason!). Color professor J.L. Morton agrees that green is restful to the eye and says that this color also promotes healing. If you click or hover over a link, it turns purple, which is also considered a comforting calming color.

We value your feedback....
If you have a suggestion to help make this the best search engine for kids, please contact us through our online feedback form.

Additional Filtering....

Gogooligans.com incorporates a 7-step filtering/prevention process:
  • Step 1. We have a "Pre-Submit Filter" which catches inappropriate words prior to being submitted. This is to our knowledge, the first of it's type for a "Kid Safe" search tool.
  • Step 2. Using Googles keyword technology, we're able to return results that are mainly kid oriented. Try the query "games" at both GoGooligans and regular Google to see the difference. Queries that have little or no affiliation with kids will return pretty much normal results.
  • Step 3. All queries are fed through Google's SafeSearch Filter which is always in the "ON" mode.
  • Step 4. We've filtered out an additional 28 sexually explicit & racial keywords NOT filtered out by Google's SafeSearch (accounting for 275 million+ pages)
  • Step 5. Using our "custom search engine" inclusion/exclusion feature, we've filtered out many urls based on "subject matter", keywords in the url and keywords in the title. Our index of sites has been carefully chosen to prevent inappropriate sites from being available through the search results..
  • Step 6. Our logs record IP addresses and we log what searches are being made. This way if they (kids) know someone is monitoring their searching activity, they'll probably be less likely to search for inappropriate or illegal topics. We also use our log data to view searches to see if there's something that needs to be blocked or was inadvertantly blocked.
  • Step 7. We've incorporated 23 rotating "Online Safety Tips" just above the search box. A different tip will appear every time the page is refreshed or a new search is done. Kids need to be constantly reminded of the hazards of being a KID online.
  • Plus- We've just added a "Test a site for safeness before you visit it" feature. Using SurfControl's Filtering Test, you can check a website's url to see how it's classified. You can also test a site for malicious software (spyware) using Google’s Safe Browsing Website Diagnostic Tool.
  • Plus- To view what your child is typing in the search box, we've incorporated a "Search Box Viewer" which enlarges the text and can be seen from across the room or computer lab.

NOTE: What if something legitimate gets filtered? Answer: Try misspelling the word by one letter and then Google will most likely give you a "Did you mean" option. OR re-phrase your query using different words.
No matter how hard we try, it would be impossible to eliminate all web pages that are not of educational value to kids. With our system, we feel that we have greatly reduced the likelihood that these "no value" pages will appear in your results. We will continue to exclude these pages and reduce the risk. If you come across any results with the following subject matter, alert us immediately:
  • Sexually explicit words/phrases,
  • Pornographic sites,
  • Shopping sites,
  • Racial sites,
  • Spam results,
  • Dirty joke sites,
  • Hacking pages,
  • "how-to-cheat" pages,
  • "how-to-bet" pages,
  • "bet-on-sports" pages,
  • Arcade game sites,
  • Making virus pages,
  • Sports betting sites,
  • Online casino/gambling sites,
  • Torrent sites,
  • Gang symbol & signs pages,
  • Bomb making pages,
  • Pages dealing with an aspect of terrorism,
  • Personal ad sites,
  • Proxy sites,
  • Hotel booking sites (ex. expedia.com),
  • Poker and blackjack pages,
  • Anything else you feel is inappropriate,
  • We've removed all pdf and doc files from kids results (approx. 32,000,000 files)
  • Other sites blocked are Youtube.com, Facebook.com, Ebay.com and MySpace.com.
  • Note: Even though there are many more sites that go unblocked, we try to block the top rated sites which might appear in the fist 100 results.
If something slips through all this filtering, and it will, we need to know immediately.....contact us
Disclaimer:The attempt is being made to block web pages containing pornography and explicit sexual
content from search results. We still suggest you monitor your child's time online, for it is NEVER 100%.

This site should be used for educational and research purposes only.

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